Tuesday, September 16, 2008


So this weekend I covered my first NASCAR race - in fact my first pro-sporting event of any kind. It was a pretty hectic, overwhelming atmosphere, but exciting nonetheless. Most of these photos didn't go to the paper, but this is what I took away personally. I was intrigued by the fans and "fringe" surrounding the race...and the rain!

Political Arena Continues...

Guess those presidential candidate assignments were closer than I thought...

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Circus Fit

Goofy clowns travel the state, visiting local schools, to use comedy as a vehicle to teach students about healthy and active lifestyles. Good initiative to help fight childhood obesity - I wonder if there are any stats on its effectiveness...keep up the good work clowns!

Rainy Day

Weather feature without even getting out of the car! - until I got out to get his name. I'm a creepy car follower...


So lately there has been an abundance of red, white and blue in the Concord area. Primary elections were on Tuesday, following weeks of campaigning. Trying to keep things a bit spicier than a talking head at a podium, but it's not easy! Any ideas on how to pump some more life in to politics that don't involve Obama or McCain (hopefully I'll get to cover them one of these days!)

Dog Days

Move In Day

From Beijing, China to Henniker, NH...good luck to the new NEC grad students!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A look at the Fair

quite is disjunct view, but the fair is a crazy place that tends to induce sensory overload. we ran a number of stories on different aspects of the fair (see summaries below), which gave me the opportunity to try and see the scene a bit differently each time. i wish i would have stuck with at least the same stylistic approach, and maybe walked away with something more cohesive...oh well. one note: heading to a state fair to cover the animal scene when it is hot as hell, loud, and way too smelly is NOT recommended when you are extremely hung over...good to keep in mind for next time...

a look at the people who run the fair, and make all our conscession dreams come true!
a tribute to the parents that tirelessly bring their messy, usually loud, albeit adorable, kids to the fair year after year...
pigs running an obstacle course is a pretty hilarious sight

Weirs Beach